How can we step outside of our doors and NOT be inspired?  Okay, the sun helps.  The intensity of the weather in Portland yesterday helped-bouts of hail interspersed with bursts of bright sunshine and brightly colored spring blossoms.  I took a walk in Washington Park at lunch yesterday, among the green of the trees.  It was glowing green.  The ground was making noise. The trees were speaking to each other.  Even though cars were rushing by 20 feet away, I felt enveloped by the natural world, which always makes me want to sing and do a handstand!


When we practice tree pose (vrksasana) in yoga asana, we are asked to embody that feeling. The work and practice of yoga asana feels so much more in tune with the natural world when we embody the postures and their history and meaning, rather than live in our minds in regards to the shapes.  Stay curious... explore, embody, get back into your body, step out of your mind for a few breaths. Try it.  Tell me how it feels!

Indoors can inspire too.  I learned at least 3 new ways to teach balancing shapes this week from 3 incredible students that have balance challenges.  I am in awe every day of the people that show up on their mats and give themselves over to the their breath, vibrations and movements, even in the face of illness, family crisis, and the chaos of life. I sometimes wonder, without trying to sound TOO cliche, who is teacher and who is student. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Oh, and a big, bright bow down to Jasmine Tarkeshi from Laughing Lotus in San Francisco for lighting up and re-inspiring my physical and spiritual practice with her classes in Portland last weekend! Jai Ma!