"Freedom is not worth having if it doesn't include the freedom to make mistakes." - Mahatma Ghandi

Attachments. I've had a few. And not even too few to mention. Haven't we all?  In yogic philosophy, this is where the suffering (dukha, such a perfect word) comes from. Attaching to what we think is supposed to happen. Attaching to things, people, desires, goals, to what/who we think we are, etc. In acting, it is what keeps us in our heads and not completely involved in the feeling of the scene. It is, quite literally, what keeps us "acting," as opposed to reacting and feeling real emotions.


These last few weeks especially, I have heard these words come up, both verbally while in acting and yoga classes, and mentally while meditating and practicing. "Let go more. More. No, even more..." I don't think there will ever be a point when I've let go enough. Because even though there are instances, in meditation and in performance or acting study, where I have felt I let go for a hot second, I immediately reattach once I've realized it. It's like being in a balancing pose, realizing that you're balancing perfectly and because you realize it is happening, you wobble. Such a paradox! Though I enjoy even the tiniest glimpses into what it is like, because it makes me realize it IS possible.

Why is it so hard to let go? In my opinion, it's because letting go is fucking scary. Holding on to our attachments, our definitions of things, as they relate to ourselves and to each other, is much more safe, as we feel like we have a sense of control. And we all like feeling in control, don't we? The crazy thing is, we don't have any control whatsoever. Of anything, really. And magical things tend to happen when we let go of that idea of control. Truly magical, beautiful things.

So, how will you let go today? How can you bring more ease and magic into your life by freeing yourself of the attachments that bind you?  I don't mean quit your job and go travel (though, that's fun and exciting, you still have to return, unless you have unlimited time and funds). And I don't mean don't have social filters and go spilling your guts to strangers (that's what good friends and therapist are for!). I mean let go in the day to day.  I mean let go of the anxieties, the mental shit that tells you can't do something, that you're not enough of this or that. I mean let go of that which defines you, puts you in a box that's sometimes difficult to break out of once you're in there.

Join me in this quest? To feel freedom? To FEEL fully. To fret a little less, so we can love just a little more; to be fully present as often as possible, to listen instead of waiting to talk again. To let go of the bullshit (see previous post for more on that!). To be and live in the world in this way could be quite spectacular, don't you think?  So, why not try it...

Please share the ways in which you let go.  In performing, in being a parent, in practicing yoga, in eating with full attention to your food, in your job.  Whatever it is, I want to know. 

"Why are we still in prison, when the doors are wide open?" - Rumi