Hi!  I have started about 4 blog posts, but have been too busy to finish them, unfortunately. Do, this is just a quick update. 

I taught a yoga retreat at Breitenbush last weekend and found out that people are actually watching my SIng, Move, breathe videos!  I have not made any in about a year and this inspired me to create more of these soon. You can visit the old ones HERE.

So, stay tuned for new videos of 10-15 minutes where you can sing mantra, practice some yoga and breathing practices to integrate into your life.  Everyone can create space for 10-15 minutes, right?  Especially if it makes your day go smoother?  

I also look forward to creating 15-30 minute 'Get Up, Get Down" sequences, with standing work to get you moving, and seated work to slow you down, to use in any sequence you like.

Stay tuned for these videos in the next month or so.  I'm excited to get back to these and I hope you enjoy them as well!

Love and light,